Star Wars x Luzerne Limited Edition

7th Edition | The Bad Batch: Skilled Hands 21cm Plate with box COMING SOON!

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About The Collection


Limited Edition | Design 6 of 24 | The Bad Batch: Skilled Hands

Celebrating the traditional games that are played in Singapore, this design pays tribute to the game of Five Stones, played by using 5 small pyramid-shaped cloth bags filled with love seeds or rice. This design is inspired by the patterns of the cloth bags that represent the various cultures in Singapore and elements of Star Wars’ The Bad Batch.

Designed by Achates 360
A homegrown company that started in 2001, Achates 360 is an independent integrated creative agency from Singapore providing a comprehensive suite of creative, thoughtful and impactful solutions to a variety of design needs across a wide range of industries. Believing that design is thinking made visual, they are committed to producing thoughtful and intelligent creative solutions that will communicate elegantly and effectively with an aesthetic appeal.
The name Achates [uh-key-teez] reflects their philosophy of being a "faithful companion and trusted friend" to our clients. Relationships are central to the company ethos and they believe strongly that close collaboration is key to effectively meeting their customers' needs.


  • 21cm Round Coupe Plate

    D212mm (8¼") × H29mm (1¼")

Care & Handling

Luzerne products are engineered for superior quality, and require minimal, fuss-free care and handling. Learn more.

Colour variation is a naturally occurring feature of reactive, speckled, matte and semi-matte glazed finishing. Irregularities in glaze and texture should be celebrated as a mark of the artist's hand.

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