Steak Knife Set 6 Pieces with Box - SOLA
Steak Knife Set 6 Pieces with Box - SOLA
Steak Knife Set 6 Pieces with Box - SOLA

12.Special Collection

Steak Knife Set 6 Pieces with Box - SOLA

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About The Collection


Sola is proud to announce their Signature collection. A striking and innovative range combining versatility with contemporary design, Sola Signature collection enhances tabletop presentation to create impact. Since 1922 Sola has been a world leader in the production of hospitality cutlery. These unique designs are designed with durability and quality at the forefront of the production methods, which have been honed and practiced throughout the ages by our craftsmen. This cutlery is made of sustainable 18/10 stainless steel material that ensures lifelong dining pleasure.


  • SIGNATURE COLLECTION - (Ebony wood, Wenge Wood, The American Red Oak Wood, Walnut, Bamboo, Olive Wood) Length: 240mm
  • SILVER - Thickness: 17mm / Length: 227mm
  • WOOD - Thickness: 12mm / Length: 241mm
  • BOX - 13.5cm x 27cm x 4cm

Care & Handling


  • Avoid scouring pads, bleach detergents and the use of sodium
  • Avoid aggressive detergents as these will damage your cutlery, use gentle detergents with a phosphate level below 3% and avoid sodium
  • PH neutral detergents are a must.
  • Rinse food residue promptly before putting the pieces in the dishwasher, prolonged exposure to salts and food acids (e.g. mayonnaise, vinegar, mustard) causes damage.
  • Use a standing cutlery washing rack. Do not wash the knives together with the forks and spoons as the sharp serration will damage your other items. Put the knives upside down.
  • Remove the pieces from the dishwasher when the cycle is finished and towel dry your flatware to prevent spotting.
  • Remove any water spots with a soft cloth to keep its shine.
  • Don’t leave your cutlery soaking. After
  • washing, dry with a soft cloth.

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