Luzerne Commits to Environmentally-Sustainable Practices


The team at Luzerne believes that sustainable practices should feature prominently as an essential responsibility in our brand doctrine. As a leading global name in the tableware industry, we are fully committed to manufacturing products that minimise environmental impacts and contribute to a more sustainable future.


The importance of sustainable practices for a tableware brand 

The tableware industry has a significant environmental footprint that involves the consumption of natural resources, energy use and waste generation. Consequently, adopting sustainable practices can help to minimise these impacts and contribute to a healthier planet. Sustainable practices in the production of tableware include actions such as responsible sourcing, reducing carbon emissions, effective waste management and the promotion of a circular economy. We recognise the urgency of addressing these challenges and strive to lead by example in the industry.


Sourcing environmentally-responsible materials

Luzerne tableware is made with passion and equal emphasis is placed on responsibly sourcing the raw materials. We prioritise those that result in minimal environmental impact such as kaolin clay, feldspar and quartz – all of which help to develop eco-friendly ceramics such as Luzerne’s exceptional animal bone ash-free tableware. Our commitment to responsible sourcing ensures that the natural resources we use are sustainably managed. In turn, this means minimal deforestation and depletion. By carefully selecting materials with a low ecological footprint, we aim to create products that are both aesthetically pleasing and sustainable in nature.


Eco-friendly production process

Our dedication to sustainable practices goes beyond responsible sourcing. We have implemented an eco-friendly production process that pays particular attention on energy reduction, water conservation and waste minimisation. Through continuous innovation in our manufacturing methods and infrastructure, our production lines are optimised thus resulting in resource efficiency. This is also what enables Luzerne to become an eco-friendly brand that leads by example.


Waste management

Our commitment to waste management includes recycling as the main green initiative. We also actively work to reduce waste and decrease our reliance on energy consumption. More importantly, we strengthen the circular economy by grinding defective whiteware into powder, which is then used as a glaze component. Recycling thus features as an integral part of our strategy to minimise the pollution burden on the environment.


Product lifespan and recyclability

We design our tableware products with longevity in mind. And this means the entire process starting from the artisan’s sketch to firing in the kiln is carefully implemented to produce tableware that can withstand the test of time, reducing the need for frequent replacements. By promoting responsible consumer behaviour and providing sustainable options, we hope to encourage a shift towards a more circular approach to tableware usage, thereby providing greater possibilities for recycling old or damaged products.



Luzerne remains resolutely committed to sustainable practises that set us apart in the tableware industry. We recognise the significance of sustainable initiatives and will continue to lead by example. From responsible material sourcing product design and to an eco-friendly production process, every aspect of our operations is guided by fundamentally-strong principles. We are optimistic that businesses can thrive while making a positive contribution to the planet at the same time.

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