Luzerne’s Exceptional Animal Bone Ash-Free Tableware


With so many tableware brands vying for your attention in the market, it might be hard to pick one that captures your fancy – and there might be more than a few! But other than design and style, Luzerne understands that inclusivity is another important factor to make an outstanding product. Our team is heavily involved in corporate social responsibility practices, and those decisions often take into account cultural inclusion.

What makes Luzerne tableware so special is our animal bone ash-free products. They also do not contain any lead and cadmium. This means that we can cater to a wider scope of customer demographics such as those from the Muslim, vegan and eco-loving communities.

Read on to find out how our animal bone ash-free tableware is a perfect fit for these communities.


Halal-certified tableware

For the Muslim community, Luzerne's animal bone ash-free tableware holds significant value due to its Halal certification. Halal refers to any object or action that is permissible according to Islamic law. It encompasses various aspects of life, including food and drink. In the context of tableware, Halal-certified products ensure that they meet the strict dietary requirements and hygiene standards prescribed by Islamic principles. With Luzerne's animal bone ash-free tableware, Muslims can enjoy dining without compromising on their beliefs and practices.

Traditionally, bone ash has been used in porcelain production to enhance its strength and whiteness. However, Luzerne's innovative approach has eliminated the need for animal bone ash, replacing it with alternative materials while maintaining the porcelain's exceptional quality. By doing so, Luzerne has not only catered to the dietary requirements of the Muslim community but has also taken a significant step towards animal welfare and sustainability.


Vegan and vegetarian communities

Vegans and vegetarians, who actively choose to exclude animal-derived products from their lifestyle, can also rejoice in Luzerne's animal bone ash-free tableware. This alternative production method aligns perfectly with their ethical principles and dietary choices. Luzerne's commitment to offering a diverse range of tableware options ensures that vegans and vegetarians alike can have access to high-quality tableware without compromising their principles.

Moreover, Luzerne's animal bone ash-free tableware does not discount on functionality or aesthetics. The porcelain maintains its durability, strength, and elegant appearance, making it a perfect choice for both everyday use and special occasions. The absence of animal bone ash also does not diminish the quality or beauty of Luzerne's porcelain; rather, it presents a progressive approach to manufacturing that embraces inclusivity and sustainability. 


Why is it important to use animal bone ash-free porcelain?

Luzerne's animal bone ash-free ableware contributes to a broader environmental cause. The traditional bone ash production process requires the use of animal remains, which raises ethical concerns and impacts the industry's carbon footprint. By eliminating animal bone ash from its production, Luzerne reduces its environmental impact, thereby improving its sustainable manufacturing practices.

Luzerne's dedication to producing animal bone ash-free tableware goes beyond meeting the demands of specific communities. It reflects our commitment to continuous improvement, innovation and inclusivity. By exploring alternative materials and manufacturing techniques, Luzerne sets an example for the industry, encouraging others to adopt more sustainable and ethical practices.


Respecting your values 

Luzerne's exceptional animal bone ash-free tableware is a testament to its commitment to provide high-quality tableware options for diverse communities. By embracing inclusivity, Luzerne ensures that our customers are greeted with easier and more thoughtful choices for tableware gifts.

By eliminating animal bone ash, Luzerne is taking significant steps towards sustainability and inclusivity – slowly but surely for more and more communities. Elevate your dining experience to the Everyday Best standard while incorporating your personal values, from strengthening a cultural identity to saving the environment.