Luzerne Tableware: Global Impact On Top Restaurants & Hotels


Luzerne's footprint in top restaurants

Luzerne's influence spans the country, gracing the tables of some of Singapore's most esteemed restaurants. The renowned Italian restaurant BRACI, celebrated for its avant-garde approach to cuisine and recently awarded one Michelin star, proudly displays Luzerne's creations. The subtle curves and muted tones of the Luzerne pieces complement the restaurant's artistic ambience, a sentiment echoed by Beppe De Vito, Chef & Restaurateur of BRACI, who emphasises the importance of tableware in accentuating the dining experience and storytelling.


Luzerne's presence in luxury hotels

The Luzerne hotel, situated in Dehua County, Fujian, offers an atmosphere of grandeur and elegance, seamlessly incorporating their exquisite tableware into the lavish surroundings. Beyond mere dining utensils, Luzerne's tableware becomes an integral part of the holistic sensory experience the hotel aims to provide.


Final word

With an innate ability to harmonise with diverse culinary cultures and design aesthetics, Luzerne's tableware and stoneware bowls in Singapore have woven themselves into the fabric of the fine dining experience. As it continues to evolve, inspire and set the standard for luxury dining experiences, Luzerne is set to shape the future of tableware, inviting us to explore new dimensions of multi-sensory delight and gastronomic storytelling.