Dual High-Temperature Firing: The Key to Durable Tableware


Understanding dual high-temperature firing

Dual high-temperature firing involves subjecting ceramic materials to two distinct firing processes at elevated temperatures. This technique enhances the durability and visual appeal of high-quality tableware, such as cups, saucers, plates and bowls in Singapore. The process comprises two main stages: bisque firing and glost firing.


  • Bisque Firing (Stage 1) 

Bisque firing reinforces the ceramic material by eliminating impurities and creating a porous structure that bonds effectively with the glaze. During bisque firing, raw clay is fired at around 800 deg Celsius for about 20-24 hours. This removes moisture, organic matter, and impurities, creating a porous yet solid foundation.


  • Glost Firing (Stage 2)

Glost firing adds an alluring visual dimension. The molten glaze creates a smooth, lustrous surface that enhances appearance, simplifies cleaning, and prevents food and liquids from permeating the ceramic body. Glost firing occurs at slightly higher temperatures—at around 1,300 degrees Celsius for about 20 hours. This shields the ceramic from external factors, enhancing resistance to moisture, staining, and abrasion.


Craftsmanship and expertise at Luzerne

On top of our commitment to environmentally-sustainable practices, we also place importance in our production methods and firing techniques. Dual high-temperature firing requires precision and expertise, and our team leverages modern technology and years of experience to optimize energy usage and minimize environmental impact.


Before we end

Through the meticulous combination of bisque firing and glost firing, ceramic tableware transforms from raw clay into exquisite, long-lasting pieces that grace dining tables for generations.

This age-old technique is mastered, resulting in tableware gifts that embodies strength, elegance, and sustainability. Explore our collection to witness the magic of dual high-temperature firing firsthand and elevate your dining experience with tableware that stands the test of time.